FOR 2812 - Retreat

The FOR 2812 met in person after 1.5 years of vitual meetings. At the retreat, in idyllic Billerbeck, members shared their research findings and received valuable feedback from other research unit members and our external guests Prof. Dr Achim Stephan, University of Osnabrück and Prof. Dr Klaus-Peter Hoffman, Ruhr University Bochum. The junior researchers attended  a half day workshop and engaged in team building activities in the evening. All in all the retreat was a great success!

The research unit FOR 2812 "Constructing scenarios of the past: A new framework in episodic memory" is a project funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). The research unit studies the cognitive and neuronal mechanisms underlying scenario construction in episodic memory. We employ and integrate approaches from Philosophy, Psychology, and Experimental and Computational Neuroscience.


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